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Green To Clean

Green To Clean


Starts working on algae instantly! Fast cleanup of green, mustard, brown or pink algae in just six steps. Green to Clean® enhances the power of chlorine when used after chlorine-based shock treatments. Safe for all pool surfaces. Scrub-free and leaves no metal residue behind that may stain your pool surface. Never premix Green to Clean® with chlorine or any other chemicals.

Add Green to Clean® to your pool, wait five minutes and then add chlorine-based shock to your pool. Watch your pool turn from green to clean! Also works great with salt water generation systems. Recommended dosage: 2 lb/15,000 gallons of water, concentrating on problem areas. Run filter continuously for 24 hours after adding. Note: the pH should be equal to 7.8 or higher.

  • Starts Instantly
  • Enhances Chlorine Shock Treatments
  • Scrub-free Pool Cleaner
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Product Reviews

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This product truly works.
By Nancy

"Amazing product. If you own a pool, above or in ground, this stuff works. Our water in our above ground pool looked like a swamp, dark green, smelly. We poured one 2 lb. bottle in followed by liquid clorox and the stuff just floated to the top within 24 hours. If we had had 2 bottles for the size pool we have and clorine granules like your supposed to use, our pool would have been beautiful and blue. As it was it went to a greenish blue within a few hours, and once we vac the bottom it will be as blue as a beautiful sky. Recommend this product to anyone."

1 Item(s)

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