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Pool Pillow Pal

Pool Pillow Pal

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  • Pool Pillow Pal
  • Pool Pillow Pal
  • Pool Pillow Pal
  • Pool Pillow Pal
  • Pool Pillow Pal
  • Pool Pillow Pal
The Pool Pillow Pal is a simple system that uses easy-to-attach Velcro patches to connect and center your air pillow to your winter cover. No need for ropes or ties.

Why use a Pool Pillow?

A pool pillow is also known as an ice compensator. Just as the technical name implies, it compensates for ice that will form on your cover in the wintertime. It is used in swimming pools for off season periods in areas where there are subfreezing conditions. Snow and rain will land on your pool cover and freeze. As the ice accumulates it will act like a glacier and expand outward toward the sides of the pool. If too much ice forms it can damage your pool walls. The pool pillow allows for the ice to expand inward toward the pool pillow not outward toward your pool walls. It also helps in the spring thaw by keeping ice chunks smaller. The pool pillow is a low cost insurance policy to protect your pool and the Pool Pillow Pal makes putting in your pool pillow so easy. No more cumbersome ropes or ties. No more frustration in trying to center the pool pillow. The Pool Pillow Pal will be perfectly centered throughout the winter and before you know it, you will be swimming again. Pillows sold separately, see item numbers 4583, 4854, or 4592.

Step 1: Finding and marking the center of your cover. For any shape pool cover, lay water side down on dry surface and fold it in half. Then fold it in half one more time. Remove center marking tab from cover patch (white patch) and adhere it as close as possible to the center point.

Step 2: Attaching cover and pool pillow patches. Make sure that the surface area where the Pool Pillow Pal patches will connect are clean and dry before applying. Take each patch and remove the plastic backer form the adhesive. Please note that the white patch is for the cover and the black patch is for the pillow. Align the die cut hole over the marking tab on cover and apply. Then find center of pool pillow on same side as air valve and apply black pillow patch.

Step 3: Attaching pool pillow to cover Inflate pool pillow to about 80% of capacity. Once pool pillow is inflated then simply line up the pool pillow patch to the cover patch and firmly press together. Tip for step 3, here is a good tip about sealing you pool pillow. For a better seal use silicone pool and spa lube around air stem and then seal. It is also a good idea to place some duct tape over the valve to help protect it. Air will eventually leak out due to the pressure of the ice that is expanding, so if pool pillow gets smaller over the winter you know it is doing its job!

Step 4: Attaching cover and pool pillow into pool. Lift the cover with the attached pool pillow and place into the pool making sure that the pool pillow is between the cover and the water. Position the rest of the cover evenly onto the pool and secure per cover manufacturer’s instructions.

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Product Reviews

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Must use product when closing your pool!
By Cathy

"So easy to use, saves time fighting with the pillow. Simple and effective...about time!"

By kit

"Love it!! Pillow finally stayed in middle of the pool all winter."

does not hold
By loose

"under ideal conditions the pillow my remain stuck but not in real conditions of wind and rain and snow the velcro does not hold--forget it"

3 Item(s)

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