Abscent 1001

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  • Eliminates Chlorine odors
  • Ensures Freshness especially during heavy bather load
  • Safe derived from a blend containing natural extracts
  • Easy application while not altering pool water chemistries
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Chlorine Odor Eliminating Technology for Pools and Spas Your pool and/or spa should feel fresh and natural. Abscent's proprietary formula was created with the vision to bring a truly pure experience to pools and spas, one that is safe for humans and environmentally friendly as well. Abscent performance is a physical chemistry phenomena (Henry's Law of Volatility), NOT a fragrance chemistry phenomena. So, do not be fooled by the pleasant vanilla scent you experience when adding Abscent to your pool/spa. The vanilla scent will dissipate within 24 hours. Abscent goes to work when chloramines are created in your pool or spa. Simply put, when chloramines are released into the air from water, Abscent molecules are released at the same rate, and both compete inside your nose. Based on the Abscent formula, the fresh and natural aroma prevails within your scent receptors. With the above in mind, Abscent performance is optimized when chloramines are created. In an indoor facility, particularly when 'pool odor' is prevalent, Abscent has proven to eliminate the chloramine odor within days of application to the pool or spa. When Abscent has been added to fresh pool or spa water, 'pool odor' does not develop. In an outdoor pool, Abscent ensures freshness. The 'pool odor' that develops when there is a heavy bather load or the pool is chemically shocked, is when Abscent goes to work to ensure no foul odors are experienced. In an outdoor spa, where chloramines are continually created due to bather perspiration, Abscent again ensures freshness with no foul odors experienced. Also, Abscent eliminates the foul odor experience when you remove the spa cover prior to usage as chloramines are concentrated beneath the cover as you attempt to save on energy costs.

Pool Treatment:

Initial charge: 1 oz /1000 gallons (7.5ppm)

Shock treatment: 2 oz /1000 gallons (15ppm)

Maintenance: 1/2 oz /500 gallons of water added

Spa Treatment:

Shock Treatment: additional 1 oz /100 gallons

Maintenance: 1 oz /100 gallons (75ppm)

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