Large Solar Heating Dome, 66 ft

87% of 100
  • Save Money On Utilities
  • Easy to Install
  • Increase Pool Temp by 5 Degrees!

$249.99 Was $349.99

Solar Dome Pool Heaters heat your pool water the GREEN way using solar energy. The Solar Dome Pool Heater provides an unbeatable price-performance ratio. You can add weeks to your swimming season with the free energy from the sun heating your pool water. Ideal for use with popular above ground and most in-ground pools. Multiple heaters can be connected in series to increase heating efficiency.

  • Designed for any size above ground or in-ground pool (in-ground requires Bypass Kit, item #2264)
  • Easy to install
  • No electric or gas connections
  • Adapter for INTEX soft-sided pools included
  • Includes protective cover to stop heat transfer
  • 1 year limited warranty

Bypass Kit:

  • Only for use with Solar Dome Heaters
  • Required for hooking up two or more solar heaters
  • Required for in-ground pools
  • Required for 1 HP pumps or greater

Solar Dome Pool Heater - Small #6300..
  • 20 foot length of heating coil..Product: 22.80 in. L x 22.80 in. W x 9.84 in. H

    ....Solar Dome Pool Heater - Large #2258..
  • Generates up to 3 times more heat than the SolarPRO I
  • 66 foot length of heating coil..Product: 30.70 in. L x 30.70 in. W x 15.35 in. H+L23
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