Polaris F9450 9450 Sport Robotic Cleaner

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  • 4-wheel drive robotic cleaner that cleans any pool terrain
  • Cleans pools in as little as an hour and a half
  • Calculates the optimum cleaning path
  • Easy-to-clean
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Seasonally Out of Stock
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Tackle any pool terrain and completely clean tile line, walls, steps and floor in as little as 1.5 hours with this 4-wheel drive cleaner. The 7-day programmable timer and one-touch lift system for easy pool removal offer the ultimate convenience. ActivMotion Sensor adapts the cleaning path to optimize cleaning and prevent cord tangling. Vortex Vacuum Technology captures 4 times the debris load of other cleaners. 60 ft cable. For pools up to 20 ft x 50 ft. 2 year warranty. Includes caddy. Self-contained 4WD which allows it to climb over any obstacle without getting stuck. This cleaner also includes a fully customizable, 7-day programmable timer, as well as a comprehensive cleaning feature to clean all pool surfaces- floor, steps, walls and tile line. 60 ft cable for pools up to 50 ft.

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