Pool Blaster Aqua Broom Pool Cleaner

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Pool Blaster
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  • Use in Any Water Application
  • Snaps into Standard Poles for Extended Reach
  • Up to 3 Hours Clean Time
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Seasonally Out of Stock
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The ideal spot cleaner. The Aqua Broom can handle applications traditional above-ground and in-ground pools, as well as spas, fountains and even kiddie-pools. Powerful swimming pool vacuum cleaner uses 5 D-Cell batteries providing up to 3 hours of cleaning time. No charging is required. From algae to broom to leaves, portable Aqua Broom pool vacuum cleaners will pick it all up with speed and efficiency. They also snap on to any standard pole for extended reach. The Aqua Broom works without hoses, filters, or any electrical connections. Use on any pool surface. Cleans up to 25 gal/min. Minimum operating depth is 4 inches. One year warranty.

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