QCA Spa's Model 5 Hyperion Spa (Model 5) 8 Person Rectangular Non-Lounger Spa

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QCA Spa's
Model 5
In stock
  • 4 contoured bucket seats, 3 bench seats, walk-in steps/cool down seat, and large footwell
  • 60 therapeutic, variable-flow jets (includes 14-jet turbo massage)
  • Patented Dura-Bond acrylic 3-layer shell strengthening system
  • Built-in filter

The Hyperion Spa by QCA offers affordable luxury at a moderate price. Our Hyperion Spa is an ideal non-lounger with room enough for 8. Feel the inner tranquility as you enjoy the contoured seating and 60 precisely place jets, including 14 jet turbo massage and neck/shoulder jets. Find your oasis of stress free relaxation and hydro-massage in the Tranquility spa.


  • Dimensions: 82 x 82 x 36 D
  • Gallons: 475 (US)
  • Pumps: (2) 4.0 HP Brake Torque (3.0 Continuous Duty) Pump (2-speed) (1-speed) With Energy Saver Ultra-Low Amp Draw
  • Heater: 4.0 Kilowatts
  • Lights: 12 Volt (red/blue lens)
  • Voltage: 240-Volt System, requires 50 amp GFCI (not included)
  • Controls: Balboa Digital Electronics with LCD temperature read-outs. The heat and humidity resistant microprocessor requires no programming.


  • Soft-Touch Controls
  • Energy Saver System
  • Dura Frame Maintenance Free Cabinet
  • Insulated, lockable, teak hard cover
  • Your choice of Silver Marble or Blue Denim shell color

Dura-Bond: This three-layer, patented, strengthening process combines the beauty of Lucite Plus Acrylic with a layer of ABS for shell strength and integrity. Then a double strengthening material is applied. This high density material has all the strengthening properties of fiberglass without the environmental concerns. The cabinet is insulated with a thick layer of polystyrene foam with radiant foil on the inside wall of foam and on the floor.

Energy Saver System: Heat is generated by the spa's power equipment inside the cabinet. This heated air is captured and returned to the spas water. This continually helps maintain the water temperature without running the heater as often. The heat recovery system saves you money by reducing electrical cost.

Soft-Touch Controls: State-of-the-art digital electronic control with LCD temperature and filtration readout. All functions are conveniently located at your fingertips.

Maintenance Free WeatherGuard Cabinet: Our Synthetic cabinets are known for their rich, beautiful appearance and long lasting durability. Fully removable access panels make service a breeze.

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