Smartpool CL02 ChlorEase Ultra Saltwater Chlorinator

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  • LED status indicator
  • Digital timer
  • On/off control switch
  • Uses any 110v GFI-Protected Outlet

ChlorEase makes chlorine right in the pool water, automatically and continuously, so you no longer have to buy, store or handle dangerous packaged chlorine. Fire hazards associated with the storage of dry packaged chlorine are eliminated, as are any risks of potential contact with these chemicals by young children. No more lugging pails and buckets of chlorine to and from the store and the pool; and the days of forgetting to add chlorine to the pool become a thing of the past.

  • Digital Diagnostic Display for Trouble-Free Performance.
  • Green, yellow, red LED performance indicator.
  • Programmable digital timer to adjust chlorine output.
  • Produces chlorine right in the pool - automatically and continuously.
  • Automates your pool - no need to add chlorine
  • Can be used with all chemicals used in chlorine-maintained pools
  • Cord has windable spool for easy cleaning and winterization
  • Affordably priced for the above ground pool owner
  • Treats above ground pools up to 18,000 gallons
  • Easily installs on new and existing pools - no plumbing require
  • Heavy duty
  • High-efficiency cell
  • Uses any 110v GFI-Protected Outlet
  • Swimmers love the soft feel
  • Better for skin, hair and eyes than regular chlorine
  • Digital timer
  • On/off control switch
  • 2yr limited warranty

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