Hayward EC50AC Above Ground Perflex Extended Cycle DE Filter, EC50 Tank Only

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  • For pools up to 24,000 gallons
  • #1 Selling Brand
  • Effective above ground pool filtration
  • Filters more water with less power
  • Output rating: 2
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  • Patented Flex Tube system efficiently reuses D.E. powder to form fresh cleaning surfaces.

  • Exclusive bump handle activates flex tubes, causing them to instantly purge themselves of dirt and powder.

  • Combination diffuser and lower mixing chamber specifically designed to produce a uniformed coating of D.E. on the Flex Tubes.

    Perflex DE filters provide an outstanding above ground filter experience. Designed to operate with less resistance than conventional units, these advanced filters produce more filtered water with less pump horsepower. Tank only, pump not included.

    2413 – For pools up to 19,200 gallons
    2502 – For pools up to 24,000 gallons

    For Technical support on this item please contact Hayward at www.haywardpools.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Hayward EC40 in my saltwater pool?

Yes, the Hayward DE filter can be used in either saltwater or chlorine pools.

What is D.E.?

D.E., or Diatomaceous Earth, D.E. is the most efficient dirt remover known for swimming pool filtration. It is normally fed into the system through the skimmer when the filter is initially started; then drained from the filter when it can no longer efficiently remove dirt from the water. The Hayward Perflex D.E. filter provides the deepest, most comprehensive clean, removing microscopic dust and pollen as small as one micron - 100 times smaller than a grain of salt.

How do Hayward DE pool filtration systems clean the water?

Patented Flex-TubesTM make the Hayward Perflex D.E. filter unique. D.E. filter powder coats the tubes and traps dirt and impurities as they pass through the filter. When the accumulated dirt builds up pressure and decreases the flow, conventional filters require backwashing. But with the Hayward Perflex D.E. filter, simply move the unique "Bump" handle up and down a few times to automatically activate the Flex-Tubes, repositioning the dirt and D.E. within the filter and extending the filter cycle. Through Perflex's exclusive "Bump" action, the D.E. is periodically regenerated and the filter cycle extended without changing the powder. When the filter powder is totally used, the "Bump" action makes it possible to drain the used diatomite without backwashing or dismantling the filter.

How do I prepare my Hayward Perflex for it's first use?

Before start the the filtration system, complete the following:

1. Obtain a supply of pool chemicals, D.E., and a pool test kit. Use only the swimming pool grades of D.E., including CELATOM (Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc.) AQUA-CEL (Johns-Manville Products Corporation) DICALITE 4200 (Grefco, Inc.)WITCO (Witco Corporation).

2. Superchlorinate the pool water by adding unstabilized granular or liquid chlorine. Stabilized forms of pool chlorine are recommended for normal daily use after the initial clean up of the water. Follow chemical manufacturer's recommendations for superchlorination and daily use.

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