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  1. How to Close Your Pool with FROG Bam!

    How to Close Your Pool with FROG Bam!
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  2. See how FROG works on Pools

    See how FROG works on Pools
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  3. How to Install a Pool FROG Cycler

    How to Install a Pool FROG Cycler

    Kills bacteria 2 ways; minerals and chlorine. Reduces chlorine use up to 50%. Balances pH. Conditions water. Minerals last 1 season or 6 months. No mess. No guess. No stress.

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  4. How to Raise Chlorine Levels in a Hot Tub with FROG @ease

    How to Raise Chlorine Levels in a Hot Tub with FROG @ease

    How to Raise Chlorine Levels in a Hot Tub with FROG® @ease®?

    1. If your FROG @ease Test Strip shows a lighter color than the bottle label, one of two things may be happening. First, check to see if your SmartChlor Cartridge is empty. Remove the SmartChlor Cartridge from the system, drain all the water and shake to see if you hear any SmartChlor left inside.
    2. If your cartridge is not empty, then check your water balance. SmartChlor will not be effective if the pH and Total Alkalinity are not in the proper range. Make sure your pH is between 7.2 and 7.8 and your Total Alkalinity is between 80 and 120. Add water balancers if not.
    3. Make sure your minerals are not older than 4 months.

    You may still hear some spent minerals inside but after 4 months, the bacteria fighting mineral is used up. The FROG @ease Mineral Cartridge is often sold in a system kit.

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  5. Why you should use OxySplash

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  6. Doheny's Master Start-Up Kit Instructions

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  7. Basic Pool Volume Calculations

    Pool Basics: How Many Gallons Are In My Pool?

    “How many gallons are in my pool?” This is a question that all pool owners need to know the answer to in order to properly understand chemical dosages and receive help from pool professionals. Whether your pool is kidney shaped, oval, rectangle or “L” shaped, there is a way to get an estimate of how much water it holds. Read this blog and watch the video to learn more!

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  8. Must-Know Tips For New Pool Owners

    Dos and Donts: Must-Know Tips For New Pool Owners

    Being a new pool owner usually means you have a lot of questions. How do I fix cloudy water, how often should I test my pool, what is shock? No need to feel overwhelmed, our pool pros here at Doheny’s are here to help you out! With our video on pool maintenance Do’s and Don’ts for new pool owners, you’ll be able to start understanding some of the basic concepts that will help you become confident in taking proper care of your pool.

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  9. How to Choose an Automatic Pool Cleaner

    How to Choose the Best Automatic Pool Cleaner
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  10. Olympic Step Renewal Resurfacing Kit Instructions, English

    Just like new with Step Renew Resurfacing Kit for Vinyl Liner Pool Steps

    Important: Olympic Step Renew coating is a heavy-duty high performance two-component material with a defined and limited application window. To ensure a successful project, read and understand these instructions in their entirety before starting the Step Renew process.


    • Complete and easy to use kit - Finish your project in a few hours.
    • Simple prep and application.
    • Tough, durable finish provides years of performance and protection.
    • White or blue finish to coordinate with varying pool schemes.
    • Anti-slip silica for safety.


    • Mixing bucket to mix Prep Magic.
    • Putty knife to apply Poxofill.
    • Cotton rags or sponge to apply Prep Magic.
    • Stiff scrub brush to clean steps with Prep Magic.
    • Paint can opener or flat head screwdriver to open cans.
    • Electric drill.
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE).

    SAFETY INFORMATION Safety is always a priority. Read and follow all instructions associated with the Olympic Step Renew Kit including these instructions as well as all labels of included products. Refer to all caution and warning statements, First Aid statements, and general product information included here, on product literature, and on product labels before using and before beginning your project. Use all recommended personal protective equipment including rubber gloves, safety goggles, protective footwear, respirators, and dust masks. Follow all clean-up instructions. Follow all coatings disposal procedures for your local area.

    Olympic Step Renew: Pool Step Preparation, Mixing and Application, Clean Up







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