Doheny's DIY Pool Care Help Center

  1. Off-Season Pool Enclosures

    pool enclosures

    If you, like many of us, hate to see the pool season end, you might want to consider a swimming pool enclosure. It may sound like a huge investment, and it can be. But, there are actually a few different types of enclosure

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  2. Above Ground Pool Cover Tips

    above ground pool cover

    As fall approaches, pool owners are starting to think about winterizing their above ground pools. Whether you are looking for a cover to protect your above ground swimming pool during the winter months or a solar cover

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  3. How to Backwash a Sand Filter

    sand filter

    If you have a sand pool filter, backwashing is an important part of your swimming pool maintenance routine. Regular backwashing will help to maintain water clarity and preserve your pool equipment. So whether you are

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  4. Pool Filter Sand

    sand pool filter

    When it comes to keeping your swimming pool clean, the filtration system is where all the action occurs. While there are a few different types of swimming pool filtration systems available, sand

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  5. Pool Filter Troubleshooting Guide

    pool filter

    Swimming pool filter problems are never fun, but before you go shelling out big bucks to have a professional fix it, check out our handy guide to troubleshooting pool filter issues. Here, we break down common pool filter

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  6. Salt Systems for Above Ground Pools

    salt systems
    Saltwater pool systems are quickly becoming the most popular alternative to traditional chlorine pools. The good news is that they aren’t just for inground pools anymore! Smaller saltwater systems h
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  7. Using Conditioner In Your Pool

    pool conditioner
    Savvy pool owners who do their own pool maintenance know there are a lot of pool chemicals they need to use to keep their water clean, clear,
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  8. Beginner’s Guide to Pool Water Testing

    Beginner’s Guide to Pool Water Testing

    If you are just dipping your toe into DIY swimming pool maintenance, one of the first things you need to learn is how to test the water. Water testing ensures proper water chemistry so your pool

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  9. pH and Alkalinity Problems In Your Pool

    PH and alkalinity problems

    Water chemistry is every pool owner’s favorite subject, right? Maybe not. Many people cringe when a conversation about pH and alkalinity in swimming pools arises, and we get it! It’s definitely not the most glamorous or

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  10. Pool Blaster CX-1 Cordless Robotic Cleaner Warranty

    Residential two-year limited warranty. This warranty covers two years from the date of purchase. For this unit to be covered by this warranty, you must register this product on WaterTech's website no later than fifteen (15) days after the date of purchase, along with an original or copy of the receipt or sales slip demonstrating the date of purchase.

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