NAVA Chlorinating Skimmer Sticks, 10 lb

  • Ships as (1) 10 lb Bucket
  • EPA Approved
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Controls Odor
  • Chemical Name: Ultra Pure Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione
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NAVA Chlorinating Sticks are EPA approved, manufactured in the USA, and not diluted or blended. This means they have the maximum possible level of Available Chlorine, 90%. Available Chlorine is the active ingredient that makes your swimming pool water safe, clean and clear. These Chlorinating Sticks are stabilized against the UV in sunlight to ensure the water remains safer for longer. Each stick is individually wrapped to make handling easier.

Directions for Use:
With pump running, place one (1) skimmer stick per 10,000 gallons pool water every week into a suitable feeder or directly into a stick skimmer basket. Repeat additions until a residual of 1-3 ppm chlorine is established as determined by the use of a test kit. Regular use of a test kit is necessary to determine when it is necessary to add another dose of this product to maintain a residual of 1-3 ppm available chlorine in the pool water. After use of this product it is recommended that a preventative algae treatment be added on a weekly basis.

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