Polaris F3 Vac-Sweep 380 Pressure Pool Cleaner, Without Pump

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  • Operates under a solar cover!
  • Sweeps, scrubs and vacuums pool bottom.
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Using the pressure from your pool's water return outlet, the Polaris 65 vacuums up pool debris while allowing your skimmer to operate freely. In just 1.5-3 efficient hours it sweeps dirt from the pool floor and walls into its own easy-to-empty filter bag. Helps prevent skimmer basket clog and reduces filter cleaning by up to 80%! Easy to install with 24-ft. hose for pools up to 27-ft. Purchase an 8 ft. hose extension for larger pools. Full 1 year warranty.

CLEANING METHOD: Forces debris and water from pool thru cleaner, traps debris in filter bag.

CONNECTION POINT: Connects directly to a return line fitting in pool.

POWER SOURCE: Operates off pressure from water returning to pool from existing pump.

TRAVEL METHOD: Water propulsion.

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