Harris H1573050 Vortex Sand Filter Tank, 19 in

  • Works for any type of pool
  • Designed to work with water at temperature's from 32 degrees to 113 degrees fahrenheit
  • 6-position dial valve with a flange clamp attachment and 360 degree rotation
  • Hydraulically balanced laterals to maximize water flow and filtration
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These easy-to-operate high-tech sand filters provide superior flow and outstanding performance. Sand filters include a six-position dial valve with a flange clamp attachment that allows for 360 degree rotation, which makes it ideal for any replacement application. All tanks have 1.5 in. connections at the dial valve. Easy-access drain plug simplifies winter maintenance. Top internal diffuser ensures even distribution of water over the sand bed. Must use AquaQuartz #20 silica sand #5451, ZeoSand #4429, or Aqualoon #7832.

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