There are many features that make the Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish Li one of our top rated handheld pool vacuums. Here are the top five reasons why this versatile pool vac is just what you need to get your pool or spa looking clean, clear, and free of debris in no time. 

1. Compact, Lightweight Design

The Pool Blaster Catfish weighs in at just 3.1 pounds, making it easy to maneuver around even the tightest corners and crevices without breaking your back. The 8” width vacuum head with soft-bristle scrubbing brushes is perfect for quickly covering the pool surfaces to remove all kinds of dirt, debris, and even algae. When you need to get into those hard to reach places, simply remove the vac head to expose the convenient crevice corner nozzle.

2. Works In Any Type of Pool

Not many pool cleaners are as versatile as the Pool Blaster Catfish. In fact, you can use this convenient pool vacuum cleaner in any type of pool or spa. Whether you have an above ground pool, an inground pool, a small pool, a hot tub, or even an Intex pool, the Catfish will get the job done on any pool surface.

3. Fully Self-Contained

Possibly the best feature of the battery powered Catfish is that it is fully self-contained. That means no cumbersome hoses or wires to deal with, no booster pumps required, and no need to attach the unit to your pool skimmer or filtration system. That’s right, the Catfish is cordless, runs on a Lithium Ion battery, and has its own onboard all-purpose filter bag to collect sticks, leaves, dirt, and algae. The unit also comes with two disposable micro filter bags.

4. Easy to Operate

When it comes to your swimming pool equipment, easy operation is a must, and using the Pool Blaster Catfish couldn’t be simpler. The battery charges quickly using the included charger. Easily attach any standard pool pole to the unit to extend your reach, and start it up with a simple twist of the battery cover. The minimum operating depth is just 9” at a 45 degree angle.

Cleaning the vacuum is a snap with the easy to remove filter bag. Simply empty dirt and debris and rinse the reusable filter bag after each use and you are ready to swim!

5. Saves You Time and Money

These days, saving time and money is more important than ever. The Catfish swimming pool vacuum is one of our favorites because it is both affordable and efficient. You won’t spend an arm and a leg on this vac, and you won’t spend your whole day cleaning. The 45 minute run time per charge is plenty to clean most pools and spas, and the rechargeable battery is back up to full power in just 4 hours.

The Pool Blaster Catfish comes with a one year warranty on the motor box and electronic components, as well as a 90 day battery warranty.

More of the Best Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaning is a breeze with the versatile and convenient Pool Blaster Catfish, but the Catfish isn’t the only game in town. If you are looking for a new pool or spa vacuum cleaner, check out some of our other favorites:

Pool Blaster Aqua Broom Pool Cleaner

Another one of our top rated handheld pool vacs, the Aqua Broom is very simple to use and great for novice pool owners. The unit easily attaches to a standard telescopic pole so you can clean even the hardest to reach places, and the three hour run time lets you cover up to 671 square feet in any type of pool or spa.

Doheny’s Advantage Inground Robotic Cleaner

If you are looking for a swimming  pool cleaner that does the work for you, a robotic cleaner like Doheny’s Advantage Inground Robotic Cleaner Powered by Dolphin is a great option. This automatic pool vacuum can clean inground pools up to 33 feet in just a couple of hours! The energy efficient, fully independent design means you don’t have to attach the unit to your filter system. Plus, you can easily schedule the cleaner to run every day, every other day, or every third day with the easy-to-use push button settings.

For the best pool cleaners available, Doheny’s Pool Supplies has a huge selection of suction cleaners, pressure cleaners, robotic cleanershandheld cleaners, and accessories in stock, all at great prices. If you have questions about any of our products, give us a call today at 800-574-7665, or visit us online at