It’s time to close your above ground pool for the winter, and you want to make sure the winter pool cover is tightly secured to keep all dirt, debris, and other organic matter from contaminating the water. When opening season rolls around next year, less work and more swim time is your goal.

Here at Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast, we want to help you keep your pool clean and clear, and our pool clips are a great start. We have two types of pool clips available: the standard and the deluxe. The standard pool clip has the easiest installation, as it simply clips over the rail. The deluxe pool clip has a locking mechanism that you need to pop in. Both of these options are a convenient and secure way to keep your pool cover exactly where it should be -right on top of the pool. If you live in a particularly windy or stormy environment during pool closing season, pool clips will save you money, as you won’t have to replace a broken pool cover. Read on to find out just how easy it is to use pool clips, a necessary precaution for pool owners.

Dependable Protection for Pool Covers: No matter where you live or what sort of weather you experience during the colder months of the year, pool clips are a perfect method to secure your cover. If it tends to get windy or stormy where you live, a cover without properly installed clips might tear off completely, leaving your pool exposed to leaves, branches, and other large debris that might be nearby.

Protect Your Pool In Freezing Temps: Pool cover clips will release the sides of your pool when cold water freezes, which causes the liner to expand. We are not saying that this will happen, but just in case the liner actually breaks, pool clips act as a ‘barrier’ between the pressure and the cover itself.

Standard Pool Cover

Simple Installation -

  1. Make sure that your pool cover is customized and measured to the exact dimensions of your pool.
  2. Place an air pillow in the center of your pool before the cover is installed.
  3. Roll the pool cover out and place it on top, making sure it’s a loose fit.
  4. Next, grab your pool clips and begin to walk the perimeter of your pool.
  5. As you observe the cover and how it falls over the pool, start to snap the clips right into place. (You can install at least two pool cover clips to each horizontal pool frame rail or every 16-18 inches.)

It should be a cinch to snap them in!

Weather - If you happen to experience a windy day in your area, a pool clip that hasn't been securely fastened may accidentally pop off. Don’t worry; simply keep an extra set with you and replace the clip as soon as you can.