FilterBalls™ Performance Guidance

FilterBalls™ are a high performance filter media designed to work in your existing sand filter housing with standard under drain lateral assemblies. FilterBalls operate with much less resistance than sand resulting in increased flow, decreased filter pressure, and crystal clear pool water. Your vacuum suction will increase and you should be able to reduce the length of time you need to run your pool pump, saving money on your electric bill. Simply follow the installation instructions for superior results. If you have problems, please refer to our Trouble Shooting Guide for help.

Trouble Shooting Guide

SymptomPossible CauseSolution
Water is not clearing.—Water chemistry is not balanced.—Test water and at your dealer and follow regular service recommendations.
Water is not clearing, FilterBalls found in backwash.–Standpipe is not aligned properly.
–Control valve guard not in place.
–Later assembly missing or broken.
–Ensure standpipe is properly secured to control valve.
–Check all laterals to be sure they are in place and working.
Water is not clearing.—Improper product installed.–Use Blὒ™ in sand filters rated over 250Lbs.
–Use Blὒ minis™ in approved sand housings rated at 250Lbs or less.
Water is not clearing.—Water flow rate is exceeding filter housing manufacturer’s recommendations.—See system design resolution options.

System Design Resolution Options

Proper filter design considers how many times per day the total volume of water in your pool moves through your filter. Pool size and the rate water flows in gallons per minute through your filter determine how many times your pool water turns over. The water in a pool should turn over 3 times per day. Good filter system design matches these requirements with the filter housing size, its actual flow (which takes into account head loss via system pressure, elevation change as well as number and type of pipe and fittings), maximum flow rating, pump horse-power, and pipe diameter.

FilterBalls require less resistance and provide better particulate removal compared to sand and can cause the flow rate to increase. On small filters, the increase in water flow could move beyond the housing manufacture standards if the pump is also too powerful and or if the pipes are to large in diameter. In these cases, the dirt particles can literally blow off the Filterballs disabling their ability to hold dirt. We occasionally see this on systems pairing 1.5 and 2.0 horsepower motors with sand filters less than 200 pounds.

Always consult your pool service technician before making modifications to your system.
There are three common options that will give you the full performance of FilterBalls:

1. Retrofit your piping. Restrict the flow from the pump with a flow regulator to a flow rate within the manufacturer’s recommended flow for that vessel. Your service technician can provide you with the proper flow reduction parts.
2. Replace your pump with one with less horsepower. Your smaller pump will use less electricity and save you money on power.
3. Replace your filter housing with a larger housing. The larger housing provides more depth and surface area for the FilterBalls to work holding the dirt within the filter housing.