Ah, your hot tub, shouldn't caring for your hot tub be as pleasant and worry-free as using it? We think so. Which is why we created, FROG Serene. FROG Serene takes away the measuring and the mess. The daily chore of adding chlorine granules. Serene takes away the smell of Chlorine and the harsh feeling water that irritates skin, fades swimsuits, and ruins surfaces. Serene takes away the big swings in pH and the heavy Bromine use. Serene takes away the dull cloudy water and fears about bacteria. With FROG Serene, what you are left with is serenity. Water that feels soft and gentle to the skin. Thanks to a proprietary blend, of fresh minerals and low bromine, you're left with crystal clear water and weeks of maintenance-free, worry-free relaxation. And using FROG Serene in your hot tub is calmingly simple too. Instead of spooning in granules or filling floaters, simply adjust the pre-filled Bromine Cartridge, then replace when it's empty, in about 2-4 weeks. The long-lasting Mineral Cartridge does the rest of the work for you, and you don't have to replace it for 4 months. Because everything is pre-loaded, you get complete and precise water care. FROG Serene comes with its own start-up shock called, The FROG Jump-Start and a bottle of FROG Test Strips, to dial in the comfortably low bromine level. So instead of monitoring constantly, you enjoy endlessly.