Each year, when warmer weather rolls around, do you start to picture yourself relaxing in the backyard with family and friends next to a glistening pool? A pool is a great addition to any home because it’s the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, and cool off during the dog days of summer. If you have always dreamed of having a pool, but wondered if you can afford it, we have all the answers. Our pool experts break down the costs of installing and maintaining different types of pools.

Above Ground Pool Cost

We get calls from customers every day asking us “how much does an above ground pool cost?” Above ground pools are hugely popular because they are portable, inexpensive to purchase and can easily be installed by a savvy homeowner. There are many different types and sizes of above ground pools available, and how much you spend will depend on the pool construction and size that you choose.

  • Intex Pools are known for their easy setup and disassembly, and the smaller, inflatable models start under $300.
  • Hybrid pools with metal frames and resin walls tend to me more durable, but they are more difficult to set up and take down. For a 15-foot round hybrid pool with 48-inch walls, you can expect to spend between $600-$700. The large,18x9-foot oval hybrid pools run about $1,200-$1,400.
  • Steel wall pools are the sturdiest and most durable above ground pools. A 12-foot round steel pool with 48-inch sides starts around $750, while a 15x30-foot oval steel pool will cost around $2000.

Inground Pool Cost

An inground pool is not only a source of entertainment and exercise for your family, it is an investment. Unlike an above ground pool, an inground pool will increase the value of your home and last much longer. The average cost to install an inground pool is between $30,000 and $50,000, but the cost can run over $100,000 when you add extra amenities like slides, water features and lighting. Inground pools can be built with concrete walls, fiberglass, or vinyl liners. Concrete is the most expensive and most durable option, while vinyl liners are the least expensive. Homeowners who are willing to do the work themselves can save 40-45% with a DIY inground pool kit.

Costs of Pool Maintenance and Equipment

Of course a pool needs proper maintenance and equipment in order to stay clean and safe for you to enjoy. Whether you choose an above ground or inground pool, you will need a pump, filter, and the proper chemicals to sanitize and maintain water clarity.

  • Pool pumps - above ground pool pumps start around $150, while inground pool pumps start at less than $250.
  • Pool filters - Whether you choose a sand, DE or cartridge filter for your pool depends on many factors. You can expect to spend between $350 and $1500 for an inground filter, while above ground pool filters start around $200.
  • Pool chemicals - many people opt for a pool service to maintain the proper balance of chemicals in their pool and perform regular cleanings. This service costs, on average, around $125 per month. When you take into account the cost of water, electricity, maintenance and repairs, an inground pool costs an average of $3,000-$5,000 per year to own, while an above ground pool generally costs much less. With a little education and the right tools, a pool owner can save big by DIY-ing pool maintenance and chemicals.

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