If you have checked your winter pool cover and noticed that there is some wear and tear that could cause serious damage over time, you are probably wondering if you have to replace the cover or if it can be repaired with a patch. A pool cover patch kit is the best solution for fixing your pool cover fast, and it works on most pool covers. Read on to learn how to patch up your cover the right way!



This is the material that is typically used for solar pool covers. Over time, due to the exposure to the sun and drastic changes in temperature, vinyl pool covers might start to develop small tears that could grow as the season continues. The process to repair your solar pool cover is the same as repairing your winter pool cover - all you need to do is purchase a vinyl repair kit. This is nothing more than a patch of vinyl material and some adhesive. Follow these steps to make that tear go away for good:

  • Remove the cover from the pool and place it on a flat surface
  • Make sure there is no residual water on the material
  • Take the adhesive and fit it so it rests perfectly around the torn area and gently press into place


Mesh pool covers definitely run a higher risk of tearing over time, but it’s still a simple process to patch everything up. You can simply sew the mesh patch over the torn area for small holes. To do this, you will need a sturdy needle and an industrial strength nylon thread. If the tear is large, then you may need to purchase a mesh patch kit with the necessary adhesive and place it directly over the torn area instead. Just repeat the process listed above to repair the cover.



This type of cover requires a slightly different set of rules to repair a tear. You might want to consider repairing it as you would the mesh cover, by hand with a needle and thread. First, re-tie the netting that has been torn, or you can simply tie a newer, undamaged section to replace the torn area. It depends on what option works best for you and your budget. Once you determine the size of the damage and how you want to go about repairing it, you can rest easy in knowing you’ll still have some spare change left over after the repairs have been completed.

It’s never been easier to repair pool covers yourself, and repair your vinyl, mesh, or net pool covers promptly and efficiently. You don’t have to waste your time and money on new items, when you make your current pool cover as good as new.

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