How To Use Your Leaf Net Cover

Doheny’s Professional grade Leaf Nets eliminate the “swamp-like” build-up that makes spring clean-up such a chore by preventing leaves, twigs, and debris from contaminating your pool water. You can add it to your pool in early fall to keep the first waves of leaves out while still enjoying the warm weekends, and then put it over your secured winter cover once you’re set to close. Just make sure to remove the leaf net at the end of the fall season so the leaves and debris end up on the ground and not on your winter cover!

In order to properly set up a leaf net, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your pool is properly covered with a winter or safety cover. Refer to our winter cover setup blog for winter cover instructions. 
    If you are an above ground pool owner, make sure the winter cover is already secured with a cable & ratchet set and/or cover clips.
  2. Spread the leaf net evenly over the top of your winter cover. 
    For above ground pool owners, make sure there is equal overhang around the edges of your pool.
  3. Secure the leaf net to your pool. 
    Inground pool owners can use either Doheny’s Water Blocks or Water Tubes to secure. Above ground pool owners can use your Doheny’s Cable and Ratchet Set that is included with your leaf net purchase.
  4. Once the leaves stop falling, remove your leaf net. Do NOT keep your leaf net on during the winter! Take off either the cable & ratchet set or the water blocks/tubes, and then remove the leaf net. When removing the leaf net, continuously fold it over itself. This will minimize the amount of leaves spilling onto your covered pool and surrounding area.

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