Remember when you thought buying that robotic pool cleaner was just a luxury? Now that it isn't working properly, you realized quickly just how critical it is to keep your pool clean. When the robot stops working or the pool does not seem to be as clean as in the past, try troubleshooting it yourself. If all else fails, contact your local pool shop for professional help. Move through the checklist in order, and get your robotic pool cleaner working for you again.

Proper Connection

If the pool cleaner suddenly stops moving across the pool, the first thing to assess is whether the power cord is still connected. The cable could be tangled putting pressure on the cord, pulling it out of the outlet. Be sure to allow enough slack in the cord to let the robot move the entire length of the pool.

If the cord is fully connected, and the robot is still not moving, check the outlet to ensure it is working properly.

Clean Filter

The robotic pool cleaner uses its own self-contained filter. Most robotic cleaners have strong traction and can pick up finer debris making them efficient and saving you time and effort. If the cleaner is not picking up debris, check the filter. Most filter, or filter bags, can be quickly and easily removed, rinsed and re-installed. Make sure to unplug the unit before doing any work on it. Follow the manufacturer’s user manual for filter requirements and additional information for proper installation.

Check the Motor and Belts

You've cleaned the filter and still the robotic cleaner is not moving around properly to pick up debris. It's time to check the motor. If water is coming out the top of the robotic cleaner while it is on and partially submerged, then the pump is working properly. Move on to check the belts: make sure the belts and wheels are properly seated. If a belt has slipped from the tracks, it could prevent the cleaner from moving and working properly. If all of the above check out, look at the drive pulley located inside the motor. Issues with the pulley may require replacement parts. Read the manufacturer’s manual to assess the next steps.

Water Pump

When the water fails to pour out of the top of the pump, check the fan or impeller. A rather common issue with robotic pool cleaners is that the fan becomes obstructed by debris. Pull the cleaner completely out of the pool and turn off the unit. Unscrew the impeller cover to access the fan, and remove any debris that made its way inside the cover. Reassemble the panel and set the robotic cleaner back to work.


When minor issues arise with your robotic pool cleaner, it only takes a little knowledge, patience and the right tools to get it working again. However, don't hesitate to contact your pool professional in the case your troubleshooting turns up serious issues.

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