How To Clean Your Pool

Before you allow your family, friends, and neighbors to set foot in your pool; you want to be sure that it is clean and sanitary for some summertime fun. In order to maintain a clean above or in ground pool it is necessary to follow these steps below:

Edge of a pool

  1. Water Circulation - It is a good idea to turn over all of the water in an above ground or inground pool within an 8 hr time period. This will insure the cleanliness of your pool over that specific span of time. It is recommended that you run your pool pump for 8-12 hrs during the day. This will allow the water to circulate along the perimeter of the pool as well.
  2. Filtration System -The pool filter’s main purpose is to remove visible and invisible particles that form in stagnant water over time. Both sand and D.E. filters clean by backwashing the filter’s pressure gauge. The levels should be between 8-10 lbs. It needs to remain above normal. We recommend you thoroughly read the manufacturer’s manual while cleaning your pool. If you’ve opted for a cartridge filter instead there is a section of it that can be removed and washed using a garden hose. You might want to keep track of the filter so it doesn’t continue to collect bacteria. In time, you will need to replace it with a new one.
  3. Pool Equipment - If you find that there are some areas with no circulation present, this could cause problems for you in the future. Stagnant water breeds bacteria, algae, and other microscopic particles; it is always a great idea to brush and vacuum your pool walls and floor at least once a week.
  4. Water Testing - Test your water on a regular basis to insure the health of anyone that uses it. You will need to test the pH balance as well as the sanitizers at least 3xs a week. Various elements can create bacteria such as: weather, rain, too much sunlight, and even the amount of chemicals you apply to the water directly. If you maintain the testing accordingly, your pool’s water will remain clear all year long. You can purchase a test strip to make this process easier.
  5. Chemical Levels - If you notice that the pH levels are outside of 7.2-7.6 then the chemicals and sanitizers will lose their overall effectiveness. If for some reason you have difficulty maintaining the pH balance you might want to consider a pH Reducer and/or pH Increaser to keep those levels in the correct range. Observe your total alkalinity (TA) as well.
  6. Sanitize - Your most effective option to sanitize your pool is of course, chlorine. Feel free to purchase chlorine tablets, sticks, and/or granules to properly maintain your pool water. We recommend that you purchase stabilized chlorine to insure that the heat of the sun won’t decrease its effectiveness. Keep the chlorine in your skimmer, floater, or automatic feeder to continuously sanitize the water.
  7. Shock Treatments - Over time you might notice that visible debris will start to show in the water. The cause for the debris is the following: perspiration, sun tan lotion, hair spray, and sometimes (hopefully not often) urine. If you put these elements together, they decrease the sanitizing properties in chlorine over time. This is why we recommend a shock treatment to prevent this from happening. You will need to shock your pool once a week to keep the water looking clean and clear. When you continue this routine you will notice that algae will start to disappear as well. Geographically speaking, if you live in an area with hard water then you might want to consider non-chlorine shock treatments instead.
  8.  Algaecides - Algae are definitely not anyone’s best friend. It is can sometimes appear as a black, green, or tarnished yellow substance floating on the top of your pool. No one wants to go near a pool that looks like that. To keep your pool clean and clear, you need to regularly check the chemical levels (as mentioned above) and add algaecide on a weekly basis so the nasty green stuff stays away for good.
  9. Clean Filter/Pool Pump - Not only is it important to clean your pool, but it is crucial to clean out your pool equipment as well. After all, if you eat a meal with dirty utensils that can promote illness, correct? Same thought process applies here, if you use dirty pool equipment to maintain your pool, it defeats the purpose. Regularly clean your filter and pool pump accordingly.