Pool Cover Types

When taking care of a pool, having the right type of pool cover can make all the difference. Finding the right one can be a bit tricky and will depend upon a variety of factors including your pool shape, size, and of course, what you need the cover for. Without a doubt, though, you need a pool cover. Why?

Pool covers provide a lot of benefit to pool owners and others engaged in pool care. In addition to keeping debris out of the water, they also inhibit algae growth and block harmful UV rays to keep chlorine from deteriorating. If you have a heated pool, pool covers can also aid in heat retention.

How to Choose the Right Pool Cover

The guide below should help you identify just the right pool covers for your in-ground pool or above ground poolWhether your problem is weather-determined, season based, natural or non-organic, we can take a look at these problems and find the solution.

Even though each pool cover type is unique, please consider the fact they all share some of the same things in common. Almost all pool covers offer some of the same features:

  • Each one can protect the pool water, keeping the sanitization in, the debris out and the smiles on your faces.
  • Covers can reduce evaporation in your pool water from weather-related issues.
  • They reduce required maintenance, eliminating half the time of your usual cleaning schedule.
  • No matter the type you choose, a cover is a great investment! When you invest in a pool cover, you’re cutting down pesky bills by saving money on water, pool chemicals, and  maintenance of your pool.

Now that we have where to start, we can safely take the next step on our pool protection journey. Read on to learn more.

There’s something that each pool cover type can offer separately.

Winter Pool Covers

Winter pool covers are only really meant for the winter season, however if wanted or needed they can be used for all year long. We have a whole list of features for this type of cover pool blanket:

  • Most winter covers are made out of a thick and durable material, usually polyethylene to give a hard shell protective seal. This pool cover can keep out those harsh winter winds, snow, extreme temperatures that can involve freezing over pool equipment, and frosting over objects. Anything else the winter season can predict, the winter cover can protect from.
  • Though medium in the price range, they covers are a wise investment for the winter season.
  • Installation is easy, these covers are factory made to fit like a glove on different pool sizes, while sealing up against the wall, locking that clean pool water in underneath and the harsh winter winds above out. 
  • Lightweight and easy to roll out.
  • Reduces evaporation.
  • Reduces bacteria and algae for less pool maintenance. Also keeps out debris.
  • May require a pool cover pump.

Leaf Nets

Leaf nets can be a good source of protection for your pool surface. There are three different types of leaf nets, inground rectangular leaf nets, above ground round leaf nets, and oval leaf nets. If you’re tired of removing leaves, then this can assist you:

  • This is a mesh cover that can gently lay over your pool, it is lightweight and flexible.
  • Standard binding and webbing.
  • Easy to remove, taking the leaves off with it.

Safety Covers

Safety covers are vital to keeping your family members, friends, neighbors, pets, and wild animals safe. They provide extra protection for your pool and prevent accidental drownings. Safety covers also prevent leaves, and some debris and dirt from entering the pool depending on which style you choose. Doheny’s offers pool safety covers in solid and mesh styles. Solid safety covers have the added benefit of helping prevent the growth of algae while the pool is covered. Mesh safety covers allow melting ice and snow to pass through, preventing stagnant pool water and rotting debris.

Solar pool covers and solar blankets are good for numerous problems:

  • Money saving; this pool cover costs you significantly less than the others. This pool cover can cut down water evaporation from the sun by 99% and pool heating costs by 75%. 
  • Eco-Friendly option. During the day, the cover can absorb sunlight and transfer this heat into the pool water. It locks in this warmth during the night hours, so you can swim in warmer water all day long!
  • Just like the same concept as a magnifying glass, light penetrates through the transparent material and heats up what’s beneath it.
  • The material of this cover is light, but don’t forget it is also durable. Although made of plastic air bubbles, these covers should not be mistaken as having the consistency of bubble wrap. This means solar pool covers will have a long lifespan.
  • Installation is also a breeze for this cover, all you have to do is slide it on and let it do the work!

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