Your family and friends are looking forward to spending hot summer days in your pristine pool. You want to keep it that way too, but you know that a pool doesn't take care of itself. When you open your pool for the summer, make sure you have a maintenance plan in place so your pool parties will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Understanding the fundamental workings of a pool is important for you to know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. The primary components of a pool are the water, the pool itself and the pool filtration system. A schedule that keeps all three of these in check can prevent issues and keep your pool clean and safe.

Items to Have On-Hand

Before you open the pool, go through your storage area to see what you have on hand and what needs to be ordered. Following is a basic list:

Regular Tasks

Every day you should conduct a visual inspection by walking around the pool just to make sure everything appears in order - pump is working, nothing has fallen or blown into the pool - and that the water is clear. In addition, make these daily and weekly checks part of your routine to get the most out of your pool.

Daily Tasks

  • Use the skimmer. Skim leaves, insects and other debris off the surface of your pool water. This helps keep gunk off the bottom where it's harder to remove.
  • Spot scrubbing. Use the pool brush for daily spot scrubbing on any dirt collecting on the steps, sides or bottom of the pool. Help keep algae growth at bay with a light, daily scrubbing.
  • Check Skimmer Basket. Clear debris from the skimmer basket to help keep pool water circulating.
  • Test Pool Water. Use a water test kit to test sanitizer levels, pH levels, and alkalinity levels at least twice per week. Add chlorine or other chemicals as needed.

Weekly Tasks

  • Scrub. This is a more thorough scrubbing to ensure any stuck on dirt or algae is loosened.
  • Vacuum. Even if you have a robotic pool cleaner, you still need to do a manual vacuum of your pool once a week.
  • Shock Pool Water. Use pool shock to super sanitize pool water and to quickly raise the chlorine level.
  • Add Chemicals. Add pool algaecide to prevent and control algae; add Metal Out to sequester metal particles; add Water Clarifier to prevent cloudy water.
  • Check filtration system. Your pump should be running long enough each day to let the chemicals do their job and to filter the water. Check the skimmer, pump, drains and filter each week to remove debris and to ensure all equipment is running properly.

Save Time and Money with Routine Maintenance

You keep your car running smoothly with regular maintenance, so make sure to do the same with your pool. Preventive maintenance and routine work on your pool will keep everything in working order and will help you catch any issues before they become costly problems. With just a little work and a little planning keep your pool clean and inviting all summer long!

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