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1-Meter Econoline Diving Stand (12 ft Boards)

Specification Number:SRS-410
Product Description:1-Meter Econoline Diving Stand (12 ft Boards)
S.R. Smith Part Number:E-CAT-1M-100Scale:NTS
RevisionADate: 04/30/03
Written By:T. WeilDate: 04/30/03
Approved ByB. BiscegliaDate: 04/30/03
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Diving boards (including spring boards, jump boards, and starting platforms) shall be installed only on pools meeting or exceeding the minimum requirements for the various pool types as outlined in the current edition of ANSI/NSPI-1 (for Public Pools). In addition, all installations must meet or exceed applicable local codes with installation accomplished in accordance with S.R. SMITH written instructions.

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Product Name: 1-Meter Econoline Diving Stand (12 ft Boards)
Part Number: E-CAT-1M-100
General Notes:
The 1 Meter Econoline Diving Stand measures 1 meter (39.4) from the top of a properly installed board to water surface and is designed for moderate to heavy-duty use on commercial pools. All steel components are constructed from carbon steel and are primed ready for paint topcoat. Handrails are required for all 1meter stands and must be ordered separately. The E-CAT-1M-100 stand is to be used with 12’ (3.66m) boards.
Application: Depending upon installation design and local codes, these models are suitable for use on commercial pools. Site and installation requirements will determine the actual stand sizes and board lengths. Specifications:

  1. Support Column: The support column is constructed of 10” (254.00mm) schedule 20, carbon steel pipe. It slopes 33º from vertical and mounts directly into the pool deck. It is primed and ready for topcoat.
  2. Tray: The tray is formed from carbon steel and is 1/4” x 12” wide x 72” long (6.35mm x 304.80 x 1828.80) and is reinforced with 1/4” thick front and rear gussets. The tray has two (2) 6” (152.40mm) slots for fulcrum adjustment. A tie down angle made of 5/16” x 3” x 18” long (7.94mm x 76.20 x 457.20) steel is welded to the heel end of the tray and has two (2) 9/16” (14.28mm) drilled holes on 12” (304.80mm) centers for mounting the diving board. The assembly is primed and ready for topcoat.
  3. Tread Support and Tread: The tread support is constructed of 5” (127.00mm) schedule 40 carbon steel pipe. The step is welded to the pipe and is covered with a self-adhesive non-slip pad. The assembly is primed and ready for topcoat.
  4. Fulcrum: The fulcrum for the 1 Meter Diving Stand is made of 1-1/2” (38.10) schedule 40 carbon steel and is 20” (508.00) long. A white rubber cover slides over the fulcrum. Two (2) 3/8” (9.53mm) diameter studs on 6” (152.40mm) centers are welded to the pipe for securing to tray.
  5. Handrails (p/n 25-106): The required handrail used on this stand is constructed of 1.90” O.D. x .065 wall (48.25mm x 1.65) type 304 stainless steel (order separately).
    1. Additional Product Numbers: N/A
      Shipping weight: 275 lbs (125kg)