When it comes to your swimming pool, safety should always be your top priority. A high quality safety cover that is securely anchored into your pool deck will not only protect kids and pets around your inground pool, it will also save you time and money by keeping leaves and debris out of the water. In this post we will discuss the different types of pool cover anchors and how to install them so that your pool safety cover works properly.

What are Pool Cover Anchors? 

Pool cover anchors are the pieces of hardware that are drilled into the pool deck, creating a place for the pool safety cover to securely attach so that it will stretch tightly over the top of the pool. The anchors are made of solid brass. 

Types of Pool Cover Anchors

There are a few different types of pool safety cover anchors to choose from, depending on your decking material.

  1. Screw-type anchors are the industry standard when it comes to pool cover anchors. Made of solid brass and designed to quickly twist open with a hex key, these anchors lie flush with the pool deck when closed. They are designed for use with concrete, slate, stone, or other solid, non-wood decking.
  2. Pop-up anchors conveniently require just ½ turn with a hex key to pop open or close, and they lie flush with the deck when closed. These solid brass anchors are perfect for concrete and stone decking surfaces.
  3. Wood deck anchors are designed specifically for use on wood and composite decks. Wood deck anchors have a wide flange at the top of the anchor, so that it will stay securely in the wood as it softens with age.  
  4. Lawn tubes or paver tubes are used for the anchor-in-pipe method of installing inground pool safety cover anchors in pavers or grass. This involves inserting the anchor into an aluminum tube that has been drilled into the ground.

How to Install Pool Cover Anchors

The method that you use to install your anchors will depend on the type of decking that you have. 

Concrete Pool Deck Anchors

A brass screw-type or pop-up anchor should be used on concrete decks. You will need a rotary hammer drill with a ¾” masonry bit. Make sure that you are starting with a new, sharp drill bit, as a dull bit will cause chipping of the concrete. Use tape to mark 2 ¼” on the drill bit, so that you know when to stop drilling. 

Hold the drill steady and perpendicular to the deck to make sure that your anchor hole is vertical. After you drill the hole, use a blower or shop vac to clear out the dust. Use a tamping tool to install the anchor in the hole to avoid damaging the hex key hole.

Wood Pool Deck Anchors

Wood deck anchors are easy to install, but they require a few different types of drill bits. Start with a Forstner bit of the appropriate diameter to drill a countersink hole, 3/16” deep. This will help the anchor to sit flush with the wood. Next, use a ¾” wood drill bit to drill a hole all the way through the wood in the center of the countersink hole. Place the anchor in the hole and use a #2 Phillips head screw to screw in the brass flange screws.

Paver Pool Deck Anchors

As mentioned before, the anchor-in-pipe method is the best way to secure deck anchors in pavers. Use an extra long drill bit to drill a hole into the earth between the pavers (or at the joint of 3 pavers if they are a very tight fit). Place a piece of wood over the top of the paver tube and pound it into the hole until it is flush with the deck. Place a brass anchor into the tube.

Grass Pool Anchors

If your pool is surrounded by grass, or has a planter along one side, you may need to install the anchors directly into the ground. To do this, simply use the same anchor-in-pipe method of installation that is used for pavers.

Swimming Pool Safety Covers and Accessories

Now that you have installed your anchors, you can install your safety cover. Doheny’s has a huge selection of safety covers and cover accessories from trusted brands like Meyco, Loop Loc and GLI. 

Mesh Safety Cover

Doheny’s Mesh Safety Covers are made from high quality polypropylene fabric that resists UV damage and won’t tear or rot. You can rest easy knowing that pool water can pass through the tight mesh, but sticks, leaves and debris are kept out. Thanks to the tight, secure fit, children and pets are safe as well. Each cover comes with heavy duty stainless steel cover springs, deluxe brass concrete anchors and a 10-year warranty. Available in a variety of sizes and colors. 

Safety Anchor Covers 

A safety anchor cover is both decorative and functional. While the attractive design hides any type of anchor and any chipped concrete that may be around it, it also helps to keep dirt and grit out of the anchor tread so that it won’t get stuck. Available in fish, shell or star designs.

Whether it is time to get your pool ready for winter, or you are worried about small children and pets around your pool, a pool safety cover that is properly installed with pool cover anchors is a safe bet. If you have questions about any of our pool products, please call us today at 800-574-7665, or check us out online at doheny.com.