Olympic 392/gl Zeron Epoxy Pool Coating 1 gallon, Bikini Blue

100% of 100
  • Inhibits algae growth.
  • Lasts up to 8 years.
  • One coat finish system.
  • Includes catalyst.
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Zeron Epoxy Pool Coating from Olympic

  • One Coat Finish System
  • Longest Lasting
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Alternative to Plaster

Provides a durable "ceramic-like" finish that lasts up to 8 years and inhibits algae growth. This is your economical alternative to replastering your pool. We recommend this paint for new pools or to refinish rough, discolored plaster. It's also great for sealing hairline cracks. Resists many common pool stains. One gallon covers approximately 150 sq. ft. For best results pool should be primed first with either Poxoprime II or Gunzite Primer. Includes painting instructions. 3547 Epoxy Paint Thinner: Use for clean up.

Use this quick formula to calculate how much paint you'll need for your pool.
Rectangular and Oval Pools: L x W x 1.65 = total square ft.
Lazy "L" pools: L x W x 1.5 = total square ft.
Free form pools: L x W x 1.6 = total square ft.

  • Pool coating is incredibly easy to clean and extremely durable
  • Cures to a hard, non-porous finish
  • Just one coat of Olympic Zeron protects your pool
  • Results in a brighter and easier to maintain pool than a plastered surface
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