Harris Winter Pool Cover Clips, 5 Clips

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  • Ships as (5) Standard Cover Clips.
  • Secures your winter cover.
  • Easy to install: Snaps on top rail.
  • Three per upright.
  • Approximately 5" in length.
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Easy to Install!

Standard 1-Piece Cover Clips from Harris
Snap directly to standard pool top rail. Three per upright. Clips are approximately 5" in length. These easy-to-use, 1-piece clips snap directly to pool top rail to keep cover secure and prevent snaps and rips. The #1 reason for premature cover failure is an improperly secured cover. Strong winds can cause covers to rip by snapping the cover against the top and side rails of your pool. This happens when covers have too much material overhang. Three per upright.

Deluxe 2-Piece Cover Clips from Harris (shown in inset)

  • Double your protection against high winds!
  • Snap these clips around perimeter of pool forming a positive interlock between pool's top rails and pool cover. Use three two-piece clips per upright. Hi grade resin, designed to perform for years in harsh conditions. Clips are approximately 5" in length.

Note: Harris Cover Clips fit standard metal rails.

Installation Tips:

  • Choose a winter pool cover that is measured to the exact dimensions of your pool.
  • Before installing the cover, place an air pillow in the center of the pool.
  • Roll the pool cover out and place it on top, making sure its a loose fit.
  • Next, grab the pool clips and begin to walk the perimeter of your pool.
  • As you observe the cover and how it falls over the pool, begin to snap the clips into place.
  • You can install at least two pool cover clips to each horizontal pool frame rail, or two every 16-18 inches.
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