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1 Year Limited Leaf Net Warranty

Please read installation instructions before installing pool cover

  1. This cover is warranted, at the time of original purchase, to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Your pool cover installer must be responsible for any tears, rips, or punctures due to mishandling or improper installation.
  2. D.E.I. agrees to repair or replace, at its option, any pool cover where the seam comes apart and/or stitching failure due to manufacturing defect according to the following pro-rate basis. Note that all warranty claims must be made directly with D.E.I. and that no defective merchandise is to be returned without prior authorization by D.E.I.
  3. The pro-rate replacement schedule are the following percentages of the current suggested manufacturer’s list price:
    1st Season - No charge

The above limited warranties are subject to the following conditions:

  1. A season ends on April 30 of each calendar year.
  2. Purchaser shall pay all freight charges to and from factory for any pool cover, or pool cover part, to be repaired or replaced. In addition, purchaser must provide manufacturer with a sales slip confirming the date of purchase and a written statement describing the defect.
  3. Purchaser is responsible for all installation or reinstallation costs for any pool cover, or pool cover part, repaired or replaced.
  4. Neither D.E.I. or dealer shall under any conditions be responsible for any labor, or any other replacement and/or any incidental or consequential cost or damages.
  5. The pool cover must be installed correctly and neither D.E.I. nor dealer is responsible for any damage caused by faulty installation, improper acts of others or acts of God. Note that this warranty specifically excludes, among other things, damage due to abrasion, and grommets pulling out. Your pool cover must, therefore, be installed according to the directions and properly protected from rough sharp or hard surfaces and wind.
  6. The enclosed warranty registration card must be returned to D.E.I. within 10 days after purchase.

Our entire liability is limited to carrying out the terms of the above limited warranties and no additional warranties are implied or expressed by either the dealer or D.E.I. Please note, if a warranty claim is made and a new leaf net cover is sent, any additional warranty claims are from the date of original purchase and not the date of receipt of replacement cover. After reading the above warranty, please complete the attached warranty registration card and mail it to us within 10 days after purchase. WARNING: This is not a safety cover. To avoid risk of drowning stay off top of the cover.

Maximum performance and wear of Leaf Net Cover may be obtained by following the instructions (reverse side) for covering and uncovering your pool. Inspection of the cover during winter months is advised.

Leaf Net Cover Installation Instructions

The Leaf Net is made from a specially designed lightweight fabric ideally suited for strength, ease of handling and years of use. Your Leaf Net will serve you well and help protect and prolong the life of your winter pool cover, as well as making leaf removal quick and easy. The Leaf Net can also be used in summer by screening out large debris to help keep the pool clean when it is not in use.
When used in conjunction with your winter cover, the Leaf Net is designed as an aid in keeping leaves, acorns, twigs and other large debris from collecting on the winter cover, making removal of cover an easier task. The Leaf Net should be installed at the same time as the winter cover and removed after the leaves have fallen.

In-ground Installation
Simply lay the Leaf Net over your winter cover allowing it to drape over and rest loosely on top of the cover securing it by tucking it under the water tubes. For added security, the ends of the cover can be tied off using rope through the grommets. If your cover does not use water tubes, simply insert a length of rope through each grommet and then tie the rope ends to tent pegs driven into the ground.

Above Ground Installation
Lay the Leaf Net over your winter cover allowing it to drape over and rest loosely on top of the cover. The edge of the cover should hang over the top rail, similar to the winter cover installation. Insert each end of the cable into each end of the ratchet and tighten securely. (Note: Be certain not to pull or allow ends of rope to slip into hem of the leaf net.)

Care and Maintenance
Careful handling, storing and maintenance will prolong your cover’s life.

  1. Abrasive objects such as concrete blocks, boards and bricks should not be used to hold the cover down, nor should any weights be hung from the edge of an above ground Leaf Net.
  2. Do not use rakes or any tool which could puncture the net when removing debris or leaves.
  3. Do not install a cover without padding sharp corners or rough edges, etc.