Determining the best automatic pool cleaner for your pool setup is an extremely important step for keeping your pool clean. Your choice may vary depending upon what equipment you already have, if your pool is above ground or inground, your budget, and convenience. So how do you figure out which cleaner is best for you? Check out the rest of this blog to learn all about the different types of pool cleaners!

The Basics of Pressure Side Pool Cleaners


Pressure side cleaners get the term “pressure” from the fact that this type of cleaner needs to be driven by its own separate pool pump, otherwise known as a booster pump. It requires a water line that would lead and connect to the cleaner itself. The water from the booster pump propels the cleaner, which then pushes debris from the pool into the basket located on the pump. Once the basket fills up, just empty it out and the pump is ready to continue cleaning.

Since this cleaner requires a standalone setup, it won’t be taxing your current general pool pump or taking away from your filtration system. However, because it does require a separate water line and a separate pump, installing it on an existing pool may be more effort than it’s worth. If you already have the equipment set up, getting a replacement cleaner or cleaner parts as needed is a simple and affordable option.

The Basics of Suction Side Pool Cleaners


Suction side cleaners utilize your existing pool pump in order to be propelled throughout the water. They have the ability to not only clean the bottom of your pool, but also can climb up and down to clean the pool walls as well. Once they’re attached to the pump and primed, they’ll be good to start cleaning on their own. Set it and let it go.

These cleaners are cost-effective and great for anyone who wants to get their pool cleaned without much set-up. However, it is important to keep your filtration system clean when using this sort of cleaner since it utilizes your existing pool pump. Any excess pressure in the filtration system can decrease the effectiveness of the cleaner.

The Basics of Robotic Pool Cleaners


Robotic cleaners are just as the name implies: robots. They are a standalone system that has both an onboard pump and filter, so they’re able to run independent of your general pool system. Majority require to be plugged into the wall and have long floating cables used to power the cleaner safely. The controller these cleaners come with allow for the user to set specific times for cleaning, lengths of cleaning sessions, and more. Some robots even have bluetooth capabilities which allow for manual orders to be sent to the cleaner from anywhere at any time. 

Some reasons to choose a robotic cleaner would be the technology and convenience factors. They scale and clean walls, can be programmed to work even when you’re not home, have their own pump and filter systems, and are continuing to decrease in cost. Some are even less costly than some pressure side cleaners nowadays, making them more budget-friendly. You really can’t lose with these cleaners!


There you have it, an overview of the different types of pool cleaners! No matter your pool setup, there is a cleaner out there to fulfill your cleaning needs. If you have any further questions or would like to know more about our specific cleaners, check out their product pages or contact our customer care line at 1-800-574-7665.