If you, like many of us, hate to see the pool season end, you might want to consider a swimming pool enclosure. It may sound like a huge investment, and it can be. But, there are actually a few different types of enclosure systems for homeowners to choose from, depending on your budget.

Temporary Pool Enclosures

Inflatable Pool Enclosures

Inflatable pool enclosures, also called domes or bubbles, are the most affordable option for enclosing your outdoor pool area. Prices are typically less than $5,000. These bubbles cover the entire pool and pool deck and are inflated by running a large air blower. Zippers or airlock doors are used to enter the bubble. 

Inflatable enclosures are temporary, and you can expect to spend a day with a couple of helpers for installation and removal. Storage is easy, as they usually fold to a pretty compact size. While the enclosure is anchored to the pool deck, it cannot withstand strong winds. During severe wind, snow or ice storms, the enclosure must be deflated to prevent damage.

An inflatable pool enclosure will keep the air temperature within about 10 degrees of the pool water temperature. This means you must run your pool heater regularly to keep it warm enough for swimming during the winter months.

Tensioned Fabric Structures

Tensioned fabric structures are another way to temporarily create an enclosed pool area. These freestanding structures are the same concept as a high quality tent, with a tubular frame, and fabric that stretches over the roof and walls. These types of pool enclosures cost more than inflatable ones, with prices starting around $15,000.

Tensioned fabric structures are more durable, usually able to withstand wind, snow, and ice storms. Some are kept up year round to keep the cold out in the winter and block the harsh UV rays in the summer. 

Permanent Pool Enclosures

A permanent pool enclosure is a much bigger investment. Whether it is attached to your home or a freestanding structure, there are many different options. In warmer places that require less insulation, the cost of installing a permanent pool enclosure is at least $50,000. In colder climates that require a more substantial structure and more insulation, prices can easily climb to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Types of Permanent Pool Enclosures

  • Polycarbonate or glass pool enclosures are popular in southern states like Florida, as they keep bugs out, keep water temperatures cooler during the hot summer months, and meet rigorous safety requirements. 
  • Fiberglass screen pool enclosures are a great option in southern areas where bugs and pests are the main concern.
  • Retractable pool enclosures are also a popular option for hot tub or patio enclosures. These structures look like a sunroom but with sliding walls for when you want to open up  to the fresh air. Retractable enclosures are a great way to get the best of both worlds - an indoor pool when the weather is cold and an outdoor pool when the weather is nice.

When it comes to building a permanent, custom pool enclosure for your inground pool, the possibilities are endless, but materials need to be able to stand up to constant moisture and chemical exposure. The structure should be built by a contractor who is experienced in building pool enclosures. Wood, paint, steel, and drywall are all off-limits. Plastic, tile, and stone are good options for finishes. A dehumidification system and/or a pool cover are a good idea to keep moisture damage to a minimum. 

If you dream of year-round outdoor living and a swim season that never ends, a pool enclosure could be the right choice for you. Doheny’s has everything you need to keep your pool sparkling clean all year, no matter the weather. Check us out online at doheny.com or give us a call today at 800-574-7665.