StarMatrix 10016 Aqualoon Filter Balls

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  • Energy Efficient.
  • Lighter and cheaper than sand filters.
  • Longer lifespan.
  • Non toxic and easy disposal.
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No sand in the pool! Choose Aqualoon for excellent filtration results. Aqualoon comes in the form of tiny balls made of 100% polyethylene. It consists of a network of interlaced strands that are manufactured to prevent the balls from fraying and releasing residues during use. This process increases their lifespan and frequency of use at the same time. It is energy and cost efficient.


  • Energy Saving
  • High dirt capacity
  • No sand in the pool
  • Lowest pressure increase
  • No clogging
  • Excellent filtration result and efficiency
  • Lowest back wash frequency
  • Long life product
  • Easy disposal, non toxic
  • Low weight for easy handling

1.4 lbs (700g) Aqualoon = 50 lbs (25kg) sand.
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