Solid Winter Cover for 12 ft Round Pools, 12 Year Warranty

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  • 12 ft round solid winter pool cover, actual cover size is 16 ft.
  • 12 year warranty with 3 year full warranty. Full coverage on manufacturer defects only.
  • Better tight weave resists tearing.
  • Triple-laminated poly-treated UV coating is rot resistant.
  • Large piece construction is double stitched for greater durability.
  • Laminated black bottom resists algae growth.
  • Our above ground covers are oversized with a 4 ft overlap, adding extra protection and secure tie-downs.
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TIGHTER WEAVE: 10 x 10 Cross stitches per inch solid covers. 4 feet wider and longer to accommodate water drop. 12-year warranty, 3 years full. Full coverage on manufacturer defects only. Green Top, Black bottom. When you purchase the 12 Year Warranty Pool Cover with the cover clips, you will receive the standard clips.

Our Exclusive Non-Tearing Weave: Our triple-laminated solid covers are woven extra tight to resist tearing and coated with an extra-thick, non-rotting polyethylene for durability. Lightweight and easy to work with, they protect your pool from dirt, leaves and contaminating sunlight. They are the perfect size approximately 5 ft larger than pool to accommodate water drop without creating extra slack that could result in wind damage. Choose the weave that best accommodates your winter conditions and your budget. Unbeatable value. Compare our prices to any competitor and SAVE!

All-Weather Galvanized Grommets---Grommets are placed every 4 ft for easy and secure tie-down even during high winds.

Large Piece Construction and Poly-Strength Double Stitching for Extra Durability---Our triple-strength covers are made with large continuous pieces and have fewer seams than standard covers. Pieces are assembled with weather resistant, poly-strength, double stitching for greater durability.

Heavy-Duty Triple-Laminated Built in layers for extra strength---Pool Supplies Superstore has the strongest winter covers in the industry. Manufactured with three, weather resistant layers, our covers last for years and protect your pool in temperatures down to -50F.

Black Laminate Bottom---Resists Algae Growth Laminated bottom layer resists algae growth by blocking out the sunlight algae need to grow. Makes spring opening EASY!

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